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STG 4 Fronts is an organization built out of manufacturers who recognized early on the transformational power of 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, technology. Beyond the ripple effects in the global marketplace which stem from the ability to print on-demand or access limitless new materials, the knowledge implications of opening up new doors and pathways into our future are massive. STG 4 Fronts is built to be the center of the “3D Printing Knowledge Universe.” With endless topics of research potentially affected by the advancement of 3D printing, STG 4 Fronts has developed a stair-stepped, phased approach which can be repeatable and accessible to interested researchers across a wide range of industries and interests. Even better, the business expertise behind this initiative provides a potential pathway to real production and results. We encourage you to not just come along for the ride, but to be part of the conversation.


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A composite listing of 3D printing technology interest areas for possible investigation.


High-level overview of a topic including a short summary of market activity, technical feasibility, possible advanced technology potential, current research activities and intellectual property.


In-depth, technical report on current research efforts and advancements including how they relate to specific industry interests. Contains most, if not all of the variables, factors, metrics and information needed to determine if the topic should be considered for higher levels of inquiry.


Outline of the research timeline including a summary of project goals, technical feasibility, challenges, and an estimate of the overall cost and duration of the project.

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